Idées inspirantes pour l’écusson Faites sonner les sous

Inspirez-vous des idées soumises par les écoles qui ont mérité l’écusson Faites sonner les sous!

Toutes les idées inspirantes proviennent des participants de BouchéesBrillantes des années passées, telles que soumises par les écoles.

Freshy Fridays -Discovery Public School, March 2017

Show Me the Money Discovery

Student leaders have initiated “Freshy Fridays” at our school to help towards our fundraising goals. Leaders plan, promote and prepare fresh healthy snacks that incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables that are available for students to purchase. It has been a great way to get students talking and participating in healthy food choices.

Flowers and Fruit – St. Bernadette Catholic School, April 2017

In the past our school has sold chocolate bars, cookie dough and pizza kits. This year, our Parent Council and Student Council wanted to do a fundraiser that was more nutritious. In the fall, we did the “Fresh From the Farm” fundraiser and it was very successful. We have also decided to sell flower baskets, in partnership with our local hospice. This will be our spring fundraiser. There are fundraising alternatives available that make healthy choices easier. Check your community.

Exploring New Ideas – Louise Honore Frechette, May 2017

We started the conversation in our healthy school committee about how school fundraising can send consistent positive health messages. We noticed a gap in communication with parents and shared all the activities we are doing to promote a healthy food culture through newsletters and Parent Council meetings. As a result, a new parent volunteered to join the Healthy School Committee. Now a group of parents are exploring healthy alternatives for fundraising and alternatives to food or healthy food options that we can introduce keeping in mind what works with our school environment (i.e. small batch delivery, low food handling and separation, easy for children to take home, all electronic/no paper transactions, return on profit, etc).

Fresh Fundraising -St. Padre Pio Catholic Elementary School, May 2017

During the 2015-2016 school year, running the federal Fresh from the Farm program was proposed through the healthy schools committee.  Leadership committee students went to all the classrooms talking to students about the initiative, and paperwork was sent home. In November, fruit and vegetable bundles were delivered to the school for parent pick up and distribution. The leadership committee raised approximately $2000 toward their $10 000 goal for the year.