Show Me The Money Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas from schools that earned the Show Me The Money badge!


Fresh From the Farm Fundraiser

A letter was sent to all parents in June to advise them of the Fundraiser Fresh From the Farm, starting on September 6 until October 11th. The fundraiser was a big success. The students sold bundles of Vegetables for $13 and a Box of Apples for $15. This was the first time we had a healthy fundraiser and were very pleased with the results. St. Raphael the Archangel made over $1,200.00!!!  Thanks to the parents and our Healthy School Ambassadors who came out on the day of delivery to put all the packages together.


“Taste of…” Festival

Our school wanted to promote the love of healthy food so we started a healthy recipe contest! We invited students to look for, or create their own, healthy recipes that would be made and sold at a “Taste of” festival. We had over 30 entries for the festival which included smoothies, healthy poutine, pita pizza, and lots more, and we picked 22 winners! The festival raised $970.00 in 45 minutes that will go towards Healthy Schools initiatives. However, the greatest result was the learning that took place. Students were amazed at how easy and delicious it was to eat their favourite treats, the healthy way. A great many thanks to our wonderful community and engaged students for their efforts in contributing to the festival and competition.  A big thanks also to our Healthy Schools Ambassadors, who helped run, advertise, and organize the event. Way to go, Eagles!



Nous avons choisi de prendre part dans une collecte de fonds santé, soit de vendre des poinsettias et autres plants de Noel. Les fonds ramassés iront vers le voyage des élèves de la 4e année. Merci aux membres du personnel et aux bénévoles qui ont donné leur temps pour aider avec l’organization et la distribution des plantes – ce fut un grand succès!

School Fundraising Ideas

Involve the whole school community in choosing your school fundraisers.  You are more likely to achieve buy-in when you involve the entire school community in the process, allowing them to provide input and contribute to decision-making. 

Let your goal(s) guide you, but stay open-minded, flexible and patient. 

Recruit volunteers to take the lead on planning and organizing the fundraising activities.  Be inclusive but avoid pressuring anyone to participate. 

Make sure to follow-up with those that contributed to your fundraiser (e.g., social media, school newsletter) to let them know what you plan on doing with the profits.

Here are some ideas:

  • Check out Fresh From the Farm – to sell Ontario veg and/or apples
  • Sell citrus fruit
  • Sell School Spirit Wear or other items with the school logo (e.g., water bottles, car decals, mini sticks)
  • Contact a local nursery about selling seasonal plants
    • Poinsettias
    • Spring bulbs
    • Seeds or seedlings for flowers or vegetable
  • Have classes make crafts to sell at a school event (e.g., holiday wreathes)
  • Organize a fun sporting event 
  • Host a community garage sale
  • Hold a walk/roll-a-thon, bowl-a-thon or dance-a-thon
  • Promote matching gifts to the community
  • Launch a discount card fundraiser
  • Host a fundraising raffle
  • Plan an online auction