Idées inspirantes pour l’écusson Pouce vert

Inspirez-vous des idées soumises par les écoles qui ont mérité l’écusson Pouce vert!

Toutes les idées inspirantes proviennent des participants de BouchéesBrillantes des années passées, telles que soumises par les écoles.

Kale and Cabbage – Louis Honore Frechette, May 2017

Several years ago, our Eco Teacher Leader, initiated the planting of a vegetable garden behind the school. We have used some of these vegetables during our You’re the Chef cooking sessions. This year our new Eco Teacher Leader, and the eco-team students will continue planting vegetables in the garden, including: kale, cabbage, chives and tomatoes. The students who participate in the eco-team will be able to bring home some delicious vegetables that they helped plant and grow at the school!

Lettuce Learn – Deer Park Public School, May 2017

Green Thumb Deer Park

Deer Park was lucky to be involved in an experiential learning project this year. Students worked with experts from the South Lake Simcoe Horticultural Society and local farms to create hands-on activities to learn about the process of growing food with hydroponics and with soil to compare how the plants will grow in different situations. Each child also planted lettuce seeds and took them home to grow at their house to encourage home gardening in our community.

Exploring and Growing – St. Padre Pio PS, May 2017

Our kindergarten class is very interested in plants and gardens. It all started when I brought in the bottom part of lettuce and we had a discussion as to whether we thought the lettuce could regrow in water alone. Our teacher-librarian helped us research other fruits and vegetables that could grow in water. So we got started with planting! And researching! As we are limited in space in our school yard, we have begun to plant other types of fruit and vegetables in the classroom. Students also began to speak of our new class inquiry at home and we encouraged to bring in seeds and leftover vegetables to regrow. We have planted: potatoes, celery, carrots, fennel, avocado and various herbs. The students are encouraged to explore, observe and monitor the progress of this discovery station. They are eager to draw and record their findings and many have even expressed interest in researching more about growing vegetables indoors using the class iPad. We have recently added a series of Scholastic books to our class library with titles such as Grapes Grow on Vines, Carrots Grow in the Ground and Apples Grow on Trees to continue to encourage children to discover and learn about how their food is grown. Our favourite part was the fact that our students were so highly engaged in this inquiry. They would come to school each morning and run to the window where we planted and look to see if anything grew. They wanted to measure all of the vegetables growing daily! We loved to see that the whole class was involved. We were able to share our new learning with the parent community and encourage our students to continue planting vegetables and fruits at home too using leftovers!

Growing Community – Roch Carrier French Immersion, March 2017

Green Thumb Roch Carrier

Last year, vegetables were planted in the large planters by the kindergarten windows so the students could learn how plants grew and changed over time. At the end of September 2016, the root vegetables were harvested and made into a soup by the class with their grade 4 learning buddies and teacher.

To further our learning, several classes have teamed up in order to create a community garden. They are at the planning stage and are looking for donations to get the project going. The following letter was sent home with students. It shouldn’t be long now before the community garden will become a reality:)