Tips for Celebrations

Tip 1: Find creative ways to celebrate

Celebrations can still be fun and exciting without including food! Plus, celebrations often happen outside of regular meal and snack times and can result in not eating well from your packed lunch. Ask students, parents, teachers and others for new ways of celebrating the occasion.

Tip 2: Food should be safe, inclusive, tasty and nutritious

Children as well as adults enjoy food that looks appealing and tastes good! And of course, schools should offer nutritious foods to students. A wholesome snack would be prepared with little added salt, sugar and fat and not come from a box.


  • Nutritious food and beverages (e.g. vegetables, hummus for dipping, fruit, whole grain bread/crackers, cheese, plain yogurt, white milk, etc.)
  • Foods that are inclusive and reflective of the faiths and cultures of the students, staff and their families
  • Water (ask students to bring refillable water bottles)


  • Sugary drinks (e.g. pop, fruit juice/punch/cocktail, chocolate milk, slushies, etc.)
  • Packaged snacks (e.g. chips, cheese puffs, etc.)
  • Sweet treats (e.g. rice cereal squares, cupcakes, etc.)

Be sure to practice safe food handling and adhere to the school’s anaphylaxis policy.

Tip 3: Let others help

  • Have a sign up sheet so individuals contribute to only one celebration per year
  • Ask individuals to bring one fruit or vegetable to create a tray with all the contributions
  • Ask for support for healthier celebrations and have a plan to handle unexpected food donations
  • Encourage parents to send non-food items if they insist on sending something to school for the celebration

Tip 4: Make eating a sit down affair

  • Schedule time for everyone to sit-down to eat together. This is better than eating throughout the celebration time as it helps students and adults focus on eating.