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Fresh It Up


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Getting Started

The school cafeteria should be a place where students want to go because it is a pleasant and safe environment where kids can eat, socialize and relax before and between classes. Earn this badge by improving the feel of the cafeteria so that it is inviting and comfortable and encourages students to stay at school during their lunch break.

Steps To Earn This Badge

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Step 1 - Ask the students

Ask students what they think about the school cafeteria. Do they feel comfortable hanging out with their friends while eating familiar foods and trying new ones? Is it a pleasant, upbeat and fun environment in which to spend their lunch break?
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Step 2 - Start a Conversation

Talk with the school’s Administration to see if it is possible to jazz things up a bit. For example, can the tables and seating arrangements be changed? Can there be music, movies and/or games? Are there cleaning procedures in place for microwave and toaster ovens?
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Step 3 - Do a Nutrition Checkup

Use the Cafeteria Revival Checklist (see Helpful Tools and Activities) to see what makes an eating space healthy and safe. Your cafeteria revival must meet these requirements to earn this badge.
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Step 4 - Make it Fun

Try at least one of the ideas below or come up with your own ideas to get students excited about eating in the redesigned cafeteria!

Badge Inspiration

  • Innovative and inspirational ideas submitted from schools across the province!
  • Give the cafeteria a name that reflects your school’s healthy eating culture like the ‘Rockin Raisins’ or ‘Screaming Avocados’
  • Just like the TV show, Restaurant Makeover, give your cafeteria a healthy new look.  Work with the Art Department and design murals and posters that promote healthy eating to display in the cafeteria. Brighten up the eating area with freshly painted walls
  • Install plants or a mini-garden or vertical gardens to liven up the area. See Garden Tower for ideas.
  • Take before and after pictures, and promote the redesigned cafeteria through your school’s PA system, newsletter and website
  • Think about adding a charging station in the cafeteria as a service for the students
  • Hold a fundraiser, or speak with administration, to get microwaves or other small appliances for student use
  • Get inspired on Pinterest!