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Getting Started

If you haven’t done so already, it is ideal to get together a group of interested people from the school community (e.g. students, staff, parents/guardians/caregivers and other community members) to work on this badge.  Be sure to engage the entire school community and provide opportunities for input as the work progresses. This will help increase buy-in from your school community.

Badge Benefits

The school cafeteria should be a place where students want to go to eat, socialize and relax before and between classes.  To enjoy food, students need a pleasant and safe eating environment.  Creating an inviting, comfortable and safe space will encourage students to stay at school instead of leaving school property for food, increasing the likelihood that students stay safe and connected within the school community.  Students are more likely to eat nutritious foods when these foods are available, visible, appealing and affordable.

Steps To Earn This Badge

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Step 1 - Explore Your School Community

Is the cafeteria a safe, clean, pleasant, upbeat and fun space? Is the Administration open to making changes to the cafeteria (e.g., changing tables and seating arrangements, décor, paint colours, music)? What do students think and feel about the cafeteria? Is nutritious food available, visible, appealing and affordable? What changes would students like to see happen?
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Step 2 - Make a Plan and Have Fun Completing It

Use the information found under Learn More, Helpful Tools and Activities, and Badge Inspiration to create a plan that works for your school community. Involve all key partners and have fun completing your plan.
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Step 3 - Evaluate and Celebrate

How did it go? Was there a change in the number of students using the cafeteria? What worked and what didn’t? Would you do anything differently next time? Celebrate! You should be proud of your efforts to boost nutrition at your school!
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Step 4 - Keep it Alive

How can you keep the cafeteria a pleasant and upbeat space for students? If you haven’t already, you may want to consider creating an ongoing healthy school committee. You may also want to consider developing school guidelines or policies for lasting change.

Badge Inspiration