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Reason to Celebrate


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Getting Started

Getting Started

If you haven’t done so already, it is ideal to gather a group of interested people (representing various parts of the school community like students, staff, parents, and community members) to work together on earning this badge. In addition, make sure to engage the entire school community throughout your work, and provide opportunities for input. This will help increase buy-in from your school community.

Badge Benefits

Celebrations are exciting! They are also great opportunities to be active, have fun, be creative, share food, and enjoy time together.  Celebrations can also have a non-food focus and offer opportunities for play and time to enjoy music, dance, games and other fun activities. Food-free celebrations take the pressure off teachers and parents to supply additional food and ensure that no students are excluded due to food allergies or other food-related practices. When food is part of a special event, try to link it with scheduled meal and snack times and offer various options including fruit and vegetables. 

Steps To Earn This Badge

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Step 1 - Explore Your School Community

What celebrations commonly happen at your school? Are refreshments usually available? Are there opportunities to improve the typical refreshments? Are refreshments necessary at all celebrations? Ask students what makes celebrations special to them. Gather ideas from students, staff and parents on new ways to celebrate special occasions. Is there a budget for celebrations?
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Step 2 - Make a Plan and Have Fun Completing It

Use the information found under Learn More, Helpful Tools and Activities and Badge Inspiration to create a plan that works for your school community. Involve all key partners and have fun completing your plan.
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Step 3 - Evaluate and Celebrate

Were the changes to celebrations successful? What worked well? Did you experience any challenges? How did you deal with them? Would you do things differently next time? What did students think of the celebration? Celebrate! You should be proud of your efforts to boost nutrition at your school!
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Step 4 - Keep it Alive

Are your changes sustainable? Is it possible to continue to provide input into the celebrations at your school? If you haven’t already, you may want to consider creating an ongoing healthy school committee. You may also want to consider developing school guidelines or policies for lasting change.

Badge Inspiration

  • Innovative and inspirational ideas submitted from schools across the province!
  • For birthdays, let the birthday student:
    • Be the teacher’s assistant for the day, helping with deliveries to the office of choosing a game or story
    • Visit the principal’s office for a birthday surprise (special pencil, button, sticker, etc.)
    • Wear a special sign, sash, crown, button or badge
    • Choose a game or activity the class can do for the last few
      minutes of the school day
  • At the school barbeque, turn the focus towards activity. Involve the whole school community in active picnic games, like 3-legged races, potato sack races and wheelbarrow races