Reason to Celebrate Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Reason to Celebrate badge!


The Good News Report

Great things happen at Holy Cross, we have so many reasons to celebrate!  When a student is celebrating their birthday, they receive a birthday ribbon to wear for the day.  Each week we also celebrate with The Good News Report.  We keep record of all the great things that happen throughout the week that our Cubs achieve, like helping a friend or putting in extra effort to succeed, and then we celebrate them.  Students that have made it to The Good News Report get to choose a prize.


Snowflake Choir Cheer

The Snowflake Choir went to Meadowbrooks to bring Christmas cheer to our community seniors.  Instead of having just candy cane treats and hot chocolate, they were served some nutritious veggies and dip.  Thank you so much to Meadowbrooks for jumping on board and serving healthy munchies.  Super community that supports healthy eating goals!


“Halloween” Themed Breakfast Club

At the Leadership Meeting, Jersey staff discussed having healthy and nutritious foods brought in for their Halloween Parties.  This got Ms. Capewell and her team of three grade 7 students thinking.  We decided to do a “Halloween” Themed Breakfast Club.  We served foods in the shapes of spooky things including pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, spiders and scary faces.  We also bought a Halloween-themed table cloth to add to the theme.  The grade 7 Breakfast Club Crew prepped all of the food for Breakfast Club.  Tying healthy and nutritious foods to a theme helped the students celebrate Halloween and healthy eating.