What is BrightBites?

Our Vision

A school environment that fosters positive relationships with food and bodies for the overall health and well-being of the school community.

Our Goal

BrightBites is a website for the school community that provides evidence-based information and resources about food, eating, and bodies. Educators can utilize this website to build knowledge, competence, and confidence in creating teaching and learning environments that are grounded in a food neutral and body inclusive approach. There is also additional information and tools that can help create a positive school food environment. 

Our Approaches 

A food neutral approach is one that presents food as morally equivalent and without judgement. It is true that not all foods are nutritionally equal but they should be morally equal. Using a food neutral approach when talking and teaching about food helps students build a healthy relationship with food.

A body inclusive approach is one that ensures all body shapes and sizes feel accepted and welcomed. All bodies, regardless of shape or size, deserve respect and equitable treatment. This approach contributes to creating supportive environment that embraces diversity, helps increase self-esteem, and reduces the risk of discrimination.

Visit our Guiding Principles to understand how to implement these approaches at school.