Frequently Asked Questions

The whole school community can be involved in earning BrightBites badges. Individuals (e.g. teachers, students, school volunteers), groups (e.g. school councils, student councils, sports teams, etc.) and/or the entire school can participate and earn BrightBites badges.

Parents can help teachers, students, school councils, and the whole school earn badges. They can also share badges earned at their child’s school through their social media networks. Parents have an important role in the success of BrightBites.

Yes, you will need to set up a BrightBites account in order to receive badges and to earn a spot on the leaderboard. Fill in your name, school, school board, city and an optional team name and description. It is that simple!

Tell others! You can promote your badge on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or make a creative poster to show off your badges at school. Your badges also appear on a public BrightBites sash page for your class, group, or school — so everyone can cheer on your achievements.

Yes, every badge will shift your school towards a healthy, positive food culture — one bite at a time. There are lots of badge options to choose from!

The BrightBites Hall of Fame is a page that shows the badges earned by all the BrightBites participants across the province. Every badge earned by a group and/or school adds to their total number of badges listed on the Hall of Fame. For fun, you can try competing with another class, group, or school!