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Body Inclusivity

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Getting Started

If you haven’t done so already, it is ideal to get together a group of interested people from the school community (e.g. students, staff, parents/guardians/caregivers and other community members) to work on this badge.  Be sure to engage the entire school community and provide opportunities for input as the work progresses. This will help increase buy-in from your school community.

Badge Benefits

Student bodies naturally come in all different shapes and sizes. Each one is entitled to a school environment that supports and embraces them as they are. Having an inviting and diverse environment encourages students to feel good about themselves, appreciate differences, and be inclusive of all body shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Steps To Earn This Badge

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Step 1 - Explore Your School Community

Do your school’s physical spaces (e.g., classroom, staff room, main office, cafeteria) accommodate people of all sizes and abilities? Is your school’s furniture and equipment (e.g., chairs, desks, gym equipment, playground equipment) inclusive of all bodies? Are school and/or sports uniforms size inclusive? Do the images in your school reflect all body types? Do the books in your library and classroom portray a variety of bodies, in a positive way and/or engaging in health-promoting behaviours?
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Step 2 - Make a Plan and Have Fun Completing It

Use the information found under Learn More, Helpful Tools and Activities and Badge Inspiration to create a plan that works for you and your team. Involve all key partners and have fun completing your plan.
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Step 3 - Evaluate and Celebrate

How did it go? What worked well and what didn’t? Were any of the changes adopted by the whole school? If not, is there an interest in doing so? Did you get any feedback from students, parents, or school staff? Celebrate! You should be proud of your efforts to boost body inclusivity at your school!
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Step 4 - Keep it Alive!

How can you continue to ensure that your school environment is inclusive of all bodies? If you haven’t already, you may want to consider creating an ongoing healthy school committee. You may also want to consider developing (recommending?) school guidelines or policies for lasting change.

Badge Inspiration

  • Write a letter to your school’s administration about the changes you’d like to see in your school environment 
  • Use or develop a checklist to ensure each space in the school is inclusive of body sizes
  • Replace books that do not promote body diversity 
  • Fundraise to buy new equipment and/or furniture that is body inclusive 
  • Rearrange existing spaces to be more inclusive for all bodies