Why use BrightBites?

Student nutrition has a ripple effect.

Boosting nutrition in a school environment can make a huge difference for students. Positive examples of wholesome, nutritious foods and the enjoyment of eating can create healthier, more positive eating habits for life — and affect students’ entire well-being, from their physical health to their sense of focus to their self-esteem. It’s not just about “eating healthy”: it’s about having a joyful, nourishing and balanced approach to growing, choosing, cooking, and eating food.

BrightBites make it easy and modern.

Improving nutrition in a school setting can feel overwhelming. Teachers, administrators and other school leaders already have a lot on the go. So BrightBites breaks school nutrition down into simple, bite-size challenges — online badges — that can be earned one at a time. Each badge includes simple steps, free tools, and helpful links, so everything you need is in one place. It’s a fun, modern way to improve school nutrition.

BrightBites is fun and motivating.

By earning a BrightBites badge for every nutrition project you take on, your team will be more motivated to keep going — transforming the culture of nutrition in your class or school in an accessible, non-intimidating way. Plus, earning badges gives your team a higher rank in the BrightBites Hall of Fame. To excite your students, you can even have a friendly competition with other teams (such as a neighbouring school, or a different teacher’s class within the same school), to see who can earn the most badges.

BrightBites honours your successes.

We believe you deserve recognition for your successes. So the more badges you earn, the higher you’ll be ranked in the BrightBites Hall of Fame. You can also share your journey and successes on social media at every stage. And parents and members of the public can also track your team’s progress through your team profile page, allowing your entire school community to cheer you on! BrightBites is a great way to generate positive acclaim for your class or school.

BrightBites is free, non-profit, and run by registered dietitians from Ontario public health units.

We’ve found it can be difficult to find reliable, professionally-vetted guidance about nutrition in Ontario. So we created BrightBites to be a trustworthy and informative program, complementary to school settings and curricula — no misinformation or rigid, high-pressure tactics. BrightBites is designed for you.