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BrightBites and Mental Health

January 21, 2016

Many of us know that we feel more alert and energized when we make healthy food choices, and feel tired or sluggish when we eat heavily processed or high sugar foods. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that research is showing that a healthy diet can reduce depression and anxiety and promote positive mental health. Plus, taking time to enjoy the pleasures of eating good (whole) foods is good for mental health.

It seems that we could all benefit from being more food literate. This involves knowing a bunch of things about food and eating such as: what to buy (including where your food comes from), how to store, grow and prepare the food we eat. There are many benefits to our mental health of being food literate. It helps us connect with others and gives us a feeling of satisfaction as we prepare and share food together. It also gives us confidence to improvise and problem solve.

Whether you decide to add fresh vegetables and fruit to classroom celebrations, avoid highly processed foods on the catered lunch or cafeteria menu, or offer opportunities for students (and school staff) to learn to cook…they all help to build food literacy.

BrightBites would like to be part of your journey to exploring and growing food literacy for you and those around you. Start earning BrightBites badges today!

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