Create a Policy

Congratulations on making some great changes towards creating a healthier school!

Are you interested in taking the change one step further? Putting changes into a policy can ensure that good nutrition and enjoyable eating experiences are promoted, both in words and in practice.

What can you do?

Talk to your school principal to learn if your school board has a food and nutrition policy and how you can support it at your school.

If your school board doesn’t have a policy, or the policy doesn’t include some pieces you’d like, consider working with your principal and school community to make a school policy. It can be as simple as deciding that the school will only fundraise with nutritious food or non-food options! Or, you could start with a policy for your class or group.

Sometimes putting words on paper is the most important step to ensure changes are maintained and monitored over time.

Sample policies:

Our school will use non-food options only, to reward students for good behaviour or achievements, or as an incentive for participation. 

Our class will celebrate without food or only with nutritious food and beverages (e.g. vegetables, hummus for dipping, fruit, whole grain bread/crackers, cheese, plain yogurt, white milk, etc.) that are inclusive and reflective of the faiths and cultures of the students, staff and their families.

Students will be encouraged, and given adequate time to wash their hands thoroughly before eating. 

If you’d like help creating a policy for your class, group or school, contact your local public health unit.