How It Works


1. Decide how you can participate.

BrightBites is a free, non-profit program designed for both elementary and secondary school environments.

2. Create your team.

Join BrightBites for free to create your team.

  • If you make a school team, it means that when you earn a badge, the focus of your activities is the whole school. School Councils, Healthy Schools Committees and Student Nutrition Programs are examples of whole school teams. This option is great if your school is competing with another school.
  • If you make a class or group team, the target of your activities is your class or group. Be creative – school sports teams, Student Councils, Social Justice Clubs and other student groups can make teams and compete with one another!

3. Earn your first badge.

If your school or class has already implemented some positive, healthy changes related to nutrition, you may have earned other badges too. Take the Badge Checker to find out if you can quickly claim some badges.

  • Choose a badge you’d like to earn.
  • Follow the steps for that badge. We’ve supplied you with helpful links and free resources/tools to ensure you have everything you need!

4. Claim your badge.

Once you’ve earned a badge, go ahead and claim it! The BrightBites team will review your submission, and if it is approved, you’ll receive a congratulatory email and your shiny new badge will appear on your team profile page. It’ll also make you rise up in the BrightBites Hall of Fame. Of course, don’t forget to share your success on social media!

5. Repeat the steps!

Keep earning more badges and watch as your school or class transforms — one bite at a time.