Zesty Lessons Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Zesty Lessons badge!


Getting Involved with Community Gardens

Here at E.I.McCulley school, we are so privileged to have tremendous students who adore our nature community so much. Grade 2 students in Mrs. Winstanley’s class got the golden opportunity to help EMS (Niagara Emergency Medical Services) plant some fruit and vegetables for both our school garden, and EMS’s community garden. This news was received by cheers and thrills of excitement by the enthusiastic grade 2’s. Mrs. Winstanley was contacted by the EMS, which was the start of such an amazing project! This was a perfect opportunity for our students, because it is an essential part of the grade 2 healthy eating curriculum, and along with that, children are provided with more healthy options. Now, it’s more likely they will start to enjoy healthy food more, which is our goal. The students have started some projects in their class, but this doesn’t satisfy their need to plant more and help their community continuously!


Soups On! 

One of our grade 5 classrooms combined literacy, health and math to give a lesson on making soup. The students learned about the healthy ingredients included in a vegetable soup by gathering in the staff room and actually making a soup. They chopped the vegetables and learned about safe kitchen practices. They used their measurement skills to properly add ingredients to the soup. When they were done making the soup, they got to enjoy it and share it with other teachers in the school. They also wrote a procedure about how to make a healthy vegetable soup.