Science and Technology Links

Science and Technology links can be adapted for all grades and strands. Check out some ideas below. For more ideas, check out our Pinterest page

Understanding Life Systems
● Grow a vegetable garden at your school to learn about the growth cycles of vegetable plants
● Create a time-lapse showing seed germination, this is great way for students to learn about parts of the seed and the life cycle of plants
● Learn about the different parts of a plant and growth cycle using vegetable plants
● Learn about water by creating self-watering starter pots and watch the plants grow in the classroom
● Research the benefits of healthy eating on the human body/organ system, using some nutrient examples.
● Examine how technology may influence our eating habits in a positive or negative way, and how this impacts body systems
● Participate in environmentally friendly activities such as planting and tending to plants

Understanding Mechanisms and Structures
● Use apples to teach about the science of bubbles
● Learn about the effect of different liquids on apple oxidization

Understanding Matter and Energy
● Create a clock using lemons, potatoes or tomatoes
● Use vegetables and fruit to teach about density and buoyancy of objects
● Discuss healthy lunch choices to talk about how to reduce waste in the classroom created from school lunches
● Learn about properties of solids and liquids using healthy food examples, and what happens when they are combined, eg, what happens when you mix flour and water; talk about liquids such as milk, water