Rise and Shine Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Rise and Shine badge!


Involving the School Community in Menu Planning

We have polled our students and families for their interest and/or need in the program and food ideas.  We have created a menu with the students so they are excited to start their mornings with the food they want and we know they will happily eat and fuel their brains!  The positive results are that the food options are so amazing that some of our attendance concerns have corrected themselves because these students do not want to miss breakfast and are ready fro the day now!  The heroes in this building are our amazing Educational Assistants who work so hard to make healthy, delicious breakfasts each morning that are served to more than 100 students each day!


Breakfast Club Crew

Our Student Nutrition Program at Jersey Public School feeds approximately half of the school each day.  Our Breakfast Club consists of Ms. Capewell and three grade 7 students who help prep (cut, wash, cook) the food, as well as serve it to the students who visit the program.  The grade 7 students (AKA Breakfast Club Crew) also helped create the Breakfast Club menu which contains at least 3 different food groups for each day.  One of our grade 8 teachers has also started a Cooking Club in which students prepare muffins for the Breakfast Club.  The muffins are packed with healthy ingredients including bananas, whole wheat flour and flax seeds.  We enjoy student involvement in all aspects of our Student Nutrition Program here at JPS!  Here is a menu that the students created for our Breakfast Club:

Monday:  Bagels, Cheese Strings, Fruit Platter

Tuesday:  Waffles, Yogurt, Vegetable Platter

Wednesday:  Egg Wraps with Cheese, Applesauce, Vegetable Platter

Thursday:  Cereal, Milk, Fruit Platter and Applesauce

Friday:  English Muffins, Cheese Strings, Vegetable Platter


Nutritious Snacks

Our ISP class works with their teachers and EA’s to prepare delicious and colourful fruit and veggie trays, as well as healthy lunch snacks like yogurt, cheese and crackers or hard boiled eggs.  They occasionally use some of our produce to bake up some yummy treats like banana or raspberry muffins too!  They deliver these nutritious snacks daily and keep track of the popularity of foods based on what has been gobbled up and what is left over at the end of the day.