Grade 2 Classroom Activities and Lesson Ideas

Canada’s Food Guide

  • See Grade 1 Activity/Lesson Ideas Explore a Variety of Foods
  • Make a “headbands” game where everyone has a picture of a mystery fruit or vegetable on their headband or taped to their back and they must ask yes/no questions to figure out what their mystery food is. The What Food am I? Activity (Alberta Health Services) lesson plan can be used as a guide. 
  • Taste Like a Chef from Growing Chefs Ontario (Use 5 senses to explore food)

Food Choices

  • Class Discussion: What are some factors that can influence food and beverage choices? Can they be changed, or are they out of our control?  
  • Value of Food from Growing Chefs
  • Family Food Choices from Alberta Health Services
  • Class discussion: The Healthy Respectful Lunchroom (Good in Every Grain)
  • Exploring Our Drinks (water and other beverages) from Teach Food First
  • Learn about breakfast or lunches from other areas of the world to show different patterns of eating

Food Safety