Food Insecurity

Household food insecurity and lack of food access are a common topic of concern among school boards, schools, and school communities.

Food insecurity’ is not having enough money to buy food.  Individuals and families living on low incomes struggle the most to cover the cost of their rent, food, and other necessities.

Addressing the root cause of food insecurity by providing adequate income through jobs with livable wages and benefits, social assistance rates that reflect true costs of living and a basic income guarantee for all gives individuals and families the means to choose how, when and what food to buy, preserves dignity and supports social inclusion. 

‘Food access’ is the availability of a safe, dependable, and affordable supply of healthy/nutritious foods.

Unfortunately food insecurity seems to be a problem that cannot be easily addressed in the school setting. However, schools can work to improve food access for students and families through school initiatives such as Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs), cooking programs, school gardens, Consider link to Household Food Insecurity in Canada via the PROOF website (optional).