Art links

Art links can be adapted for all grades and strands. Check out some ideas below.
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• Make musical instruments from gourds and learn how to play them.
• Create your own music, including lyrics and/or movement related to how your body responds to healthy eating and healthy habits
• Review and discuss songs from different genres that promote positive body image and self esteem.
• Learn (or write) a collection of songs that relate to food, gardens, and the environment.


• Create paintings and drawings of fruit, vegetables or garden plants, etc.
• Make a seed mosaic or mosaic picture of fruit or vegetables
• Create 3D art paper mache with healthy foods
• Draw a fruit bowl with black and white shading
• Create a colour wheel collage using pictures from old seed catalogs.
• Make prints using paint and stamps made from various plant parts or fruits and vegetables
• Build clay or tissue paper models of various vegetables and fruit or healthy meals, things that grow on the farm, etc.


• Create and perform a dance expressing the growth of a seed or the opening of a flower bud.
• Pantomime various gardening tasks (transplanting, fertilizing, sowing seeds, pollinating).
• Using a movie camera with single-frame capability, make a time-lapse film of a plant growing.
• Using the popular book Stone Soup, perform the story as a play.
• Participate in the Great Big Crunch in March including poetry, songs, etc.

This list has been created from examples provided from schools that have implemented these ideas and some ideas are adapted from the Visual and Performing Arts ideas in ‘Gardens for Learning:’