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Boost school nutrition. Receive recognition. One bite at a time.


What is BrightBites?

Students need wholesome, tasty food & enjoyable eating experiences. BrightBites helps you boost school nutrition by earning fun, easy badges!

How does it work?

Participate as an entire school, or just a single class or student group. When your team earns a badge, you’ll rise up in the BrightBites Hall of Fame!

What are the results?

The more BrightBites badges you earn, the more you’ll transform student well-being at your school. Earn your first badge today!

How do I start?

BrightBites is easy and free. Simply browse our badges, and choose the first one you’d like your class, student group, or school to earn. Learn more about who BrightBites is for and how it works.

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What happens when I earn a badge?

Every badge improves your rank in the Hall of Fame. For fun, you can try competing with another class, group, or school!

Your badges & stories appear on your public BrightBites team page — so everyone can cheer for you.

You can promote your badge on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, or make a creative poster to show off your badges at school.

Featured Badges

Every badge will shift your school towards a healthy school nutrition environment — one easy bite at a time. Start with one of our favourite badges below, or see them all.

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Numeracy and Life Skills

When we integrate numeracy into all areas of the curriculum, it enhances a student’s understanding of every subject, as well the world around them. Growing and preparing food is not only fun, but it provides hands-on learning opportunities that easily incorporate numeracy into healthy eating education and the development of life skills. For primary students,…

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