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Enjoy all foods.

Respect all bodies.

Build inclusive schools.

One bite at a time.

What is Bright Bites?

A website that helps improve the school nutrition environment, while also providing credible nutrition information and curriculum support.

Looking to boost school nutrition?

Browse our badges and choose one you’d like your school to do. The more bite-sized projects completed, the more you’ll transform your school’s food environment improving health and well-being for everyBody.

Looking for credible nutrition information and teaching resources?

Curriculum Supports has credible nutrition information and resources for teaching nutrition in a positive way, linked to grade-specific curricula!

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Although the bulk of literacy skills are taught within Language Arts, these skills can be strengthened through other curriculum strands, including healthy eating. Cross-curricular opportunities to strengthen literacy not only help students better understand every subject, but make better sense of the world around them. As with numeracy, growing and preparing food is not only…

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