Water Works Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Water Works badge!


Introducing Flavoured Water

Last spring we made four different flavours of fruit infused water and then shared with the whole school. Students drank this water at breaks and lunches for two days. We made lemon/orange/lime, mixed fruit, orange, and strawberry/ kiwi. The school also made a bulletin board about about healthy drinking options that was up for one month. As a result fruit infused water has been used for other school events.


Learning About Tap Water

The class and I have explored the amount of sugar in drinks using some lessons from the Sip Smart program. They researched to find the definitions of various forms of sugar. We also checked the labels of various drinks and looked at the amount of sugar in each. We discussed energy drinks and the fact that the daily percentage of sugar is not included on many labels. Eco-Superior, a local organization, also came and discussed tap water. We went on a field trip to our local water treatment plant and learned how we get our clean, delicious drinking water from our taps. I allow students to have water bottles on their desks and model drinking water instead of juice or other drinks.


Promoting Reusable Water Bottles

Glenn Gould considered both the need to increase water consumption as well as ways to promote using reusable water bottles when working towards earning the “water works” badge. The student led nutrition team collaborated on several promotional initiatives including announcements, trivia and a reusable water bottle give away. The trivia and announcements were differentiated amongst divisions so they would match the science curriculum and promote the importance of drinking water! At the end of our week, one student from each division was awarded a cool reusable water bottle to help them stay hydrated.


Water Protectors 

Our school’s Native as a Second Language class started a “Water Protectors” group.  The group has been promoting the importance of water, as well as the need to protect the fresh water.  Students have learned about water as the healthiest drink choice and the need to stay hydrated. They have made posters for the school and have visited each class to spread their message.  The group has also taken part in events in the community which focus on protecting the Great Lakes.