Tips For Enjoying Eating At School

Students and school staff should look forward to eating and have an enjoyable, relaxed eating experience at school. Eating should be free from pressure or guilt, and everyone should be supported to explore their likes and dislikes without comments from others. Review the following tips to help everyone enjoy eating at school.

Tip 1: Give eating your full attention

When there are no distractions (e.g. televisions, computers and cell phones) at mealtimes, we pay more attention to the food we are eating and our feelings of hunger and fullness. We are able to enjoy every bite and eat the amount of food that leaves us satisfied.

Tip 2: Eat with others

Eating with others helps us feel connected. Socializing over meals can help improve relationships between students and school staff and can be an important part of the school experience.

Tip 3: Eat in a calm, comfortable space

A clean, quiet, comfortable space for meals and snacks allows students and staff to relax and enjoy the whole eating experience.

Tip 4: Encourage and practice respect for others choices

There may be times when you are concerned about a student’s nutrition based on what you see in their packed lunch. While this is understandable, you should know that eating is complex and attempts to help may cause harm to the students’ mental health and lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.  It is best not to comment on student or staff food choices (positive or negative) and others should be encouraged to do the same.

Tip 5: Be a good role model

Role modelling has the most impact on children’s eating behaviours. When adults take time to eat without distractions, eat with others, have pleasant conversation and enjoy a variety of foods, students will do the same.