Spread the Word Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Spread the Word badge (previously called the Taste of Nutrition).


Great Big Crunch Event

On March 1, 2018, the entire student body at Our Lady of Fatima participated in the Big Crunch to promote eating crunchy apples or other crunchy fruit or vegetable. The activity was coordinated over the P.A. with student leaders in grade 7 so that everyone bit into a crunchy apple or other fruit or vegetable at the same time to make one loud crunch! The activity promoted awareness for healthy snack options and it was a great way to start of Nutrition month in the school.


Door Decorating Competition

During the weeks of February 20th to March 2nd, 2018, Glen Cedar classrooms participated in A Door Decorating competition. The theme was Healthy Food Choices and Colour. On March 2nd the students, from the Healthy School Committee, were joined by York Region Health Nurse and Registered Dietitian to judge the doors. The criteria was student generated artwork that included healthy food choices, messages and with a splash of colour. Prizes were awarded to the first place class, a tie between two classes for second place and third place to another classroom. The cheers from the winners could be heard throughout the building.


Nutrition Month Campaign

In the month of March, the Healthy School Student club and staff promoted Healthy eating. We were fortunate to have the Public Health Dietitian run a workshop for staff about the new Canada’s Food Guide and how they can support students through lessons. At the end of March we held the Great Big Crunch event. Each class read multiple books on healthy eating and the benefit of apples. Posters were made and announcements were done by the HSSC leading up to the event. The entire school was given an apple, they congregated on the playground and they all took a bite at the same time. A video was taken which was posted on twitter.


Nutrition Month Announcements

Since March is Nutrition month, we had student leaders provide weekly nutrition announcements to our students. The students that provided the announcements were from Grades 6 to 8. The nutrition announcements were provided by our Public Health Nurse liaison.