Social Studies Links

Social Studies links can be adapted for all grades and strands. Check out some ideas below.
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Heritage and Identity
● Discuss and prepare various traditional food dishes in the classroom with the help of family members
● Visit the local fall fair and/or have the students submit entries to the fair contests related to growing local harvest or fall fair artwork
● Make butter the old-fashion way or bannock in the classroom

People and Environments
● Visit the local farmers market, a local farm or the grocery store to explore where food comes from and discuss land use and natural environments
● Explore the role of a dietitian, grocery manager, farmer, local chef, city gardener and how they contribute to community needs
● Map out where you can get healthy food in your community, including farms, grocery stores, farmers markets, community gardens, fruit trees, etc.
● Plant seeds in the classroom or school garden to show which vegetables and fruit can grow in our climate, and compare to other areas
● Have a video conference with a class in another part of Canada with a different climate to discuss/present differences in food cultures (food, grocery shopping, what grows in gardens and how they get their food).
● Write a letter to their local MP about poverty and hunger – including the role of the food banks, moving charity to solidarity.
● Make a list of food items and related supplies that would be included in an emergency kit and explain WHY these items were chosen