Sip Smart!™ Ontario Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas from schools that earned the SipSmart!™ Ontario badge!


Flavoured Water Taste Test

The grade 1 class held a Sip Smart™ taste test for other grades. In all, we had about 85 students participate in the activity. We prepared the strawberry cucumber recipe, the frozen berry recipe and the orange and mint recipe for the students to try. It was so interesting to see which classes liked which type of water the best. We graphed the results for each class and discussed our findings as part of our math unit on data management. We loved every step of the way! We got to try some really yummy flavoured water recipes, had the chance to speak in French to other students, and learn more about making healthy choices at school and at home.


Sugar Shocker Bulletin Board

We created a big bulletin board showing how much sugar is in popular drinks. We placed water inside of a big star to show that water is the healthiest choice. We labeled the bags how many teaspoons of sugar were in each drink. We were shocked to see how much sugar is actually in our drinks. Students in the school have made positive comments about the importance of this bulletin board. One student commented “Remind me not to bring that in my lunch”. Our principal Mrs. Aelick and a few parents helped us put this together.


Grade 7 Chef Ambassadors

The grade 7 Chef Ambassadors met and we discussed healthy beverage choices and other beverage choices that may be loaded with sugar, such as: juices, chocolate milk, soft drinks and sports drinks. We referred to some of the lessons and resources provided by Sip Smart™ Ontario. We put posters around the school informing students about how much sugar is found in the different beverages we consume. We created a bulletin board with information about healthy beverage options. We will include a blurb in the school’s monthly newsletter that goes out to parents to inform them about our Healthy Beverages campaign and to encourage them to pack sugar free drinks in their child’s lunch boxes.