School Fundraising Ideas

Involve the whole school community in choosing your school fundraisers.  You are more likely to achieve buy-in when you involve the entire school community in the process, allowing them to provide input and contribute to decision-making. 

Let your goal(s) guide you, but stay open-minded, flexible and patient. 

Recruit volunteers to take the lead on planning and organizing the fundraising activities.  Be inclusive but avoid pressuring anyone to participate. 

Make sure to follow-up with those that contributed to your fundraiser (e.g., social media, school newsletter) to let them know what you plan on doing with the profits.

Here are some ideas:

  • Check out Fresh From the Farm – to sell Ontario veg and/or apples
  • Sell citrus fruit
  • Sell School Spirit Wear or other items with the school logo (e.g., water bottles, car decals, mini sticks)
  • Contact a local nursery about selling seasonal plants
    • Poinsettias
    • Spring bulbs
    • Seeds or seedlings for flowers or vegetable
  • Have classes make crafts to sell at a school event (e.g., holiday wreathes)
  • Organize a fun sporting event 
  • Host a community garage sale
  • Hold a walk/roll-a-thon, bowl-a-thon or dance-a-thon
  • Promote matching gifts to the community
  • Launch a discount card fundraiser
  • Host a fundraising raffle
  • Plan an online auction