How to Run a Successful Campaign

School-wide campaigns are a great opportunity to raise awareness about important issues. A successful campaign is a true team effort, so be open to hearing everyone’s ideas and be sure to have fun!

Tips to running a successful campaign

  1. Set a goal:  Brainstorm with your class or group and think of an issue that you would like to see change at your school. Identify the goal, purpose or big idea. Think about what happens related to food and nutrition at your school and how you could improve it.
  2. Make a plan: Once you have your goal, identify the resources and tools you will need. Don’t forget to create a list of tasks to complete with realistic timelines. Contact everyone that you need help from well in advance. Some people who might be willing to help are school staff, parents, community volunteers, business owners, and public health.
  3. Communicate: Make a communication plan to get the word out and inspire participation. Be creative and develop content to share key messages multiple times in different ways (e.g., social media, posters, PA announcements, assemblies). This will help you spread the word far and wide. 
  4. Implement: Pick a launch day that doesn’t coincide with other school events or holidays. Assign roles and responsibilities to everyone in the group for the big day.This will help your team know what needs to happen and who needs to do it. 
  5. Track success: Track how things are going and let the school know how progress is being made. Take pictures during campaign activities and post them on social media or a bulletin board. You can also make announcements about the efforts you see. This will show your school community that you appreciate their participation.
  6. Celebrate and evaluate: Once your campaign has come to an end, have a meeting to celebrate what worked well and discuss what can improve for next time. Be sure to thank all those that were involved to show your appreciation.

Some content adapted from EcoSchools Canada: (permission requested Jan 7 2020)