How to Run a Successful Campaign

Raising awareness about anything can be challenging, but rewarding. Think of your campaign as a way to engage and activate the whole school community and help to amplify year-round nutrition efforts.

Tips to running a successful campaign:

  1. Start early – it is best to start the planning process months in advance. Pick a theme and make sure it is universal enough that your community will get excited about it.
  2. Activate partners – think of everyone and anyone who might be interested in being involved; parents, teachers, school staff, volunteers, local business owners, public health and so on. Anyone that cares about your school should be contacted in advance of the campaign and given specific ways to get involved.
  3. Create easy ways for everyone to get involved – newsletter content, social media posts, posters, PA announcements, etc. Make everything easy to access on the school’s website for everyone to view and/or download.
  4. Maximize social media – ask your partners to help make the campaign go viral
  5. Promote the efforts of others – showcase the activities of students, teachers, volunteers and others on the school’s website, through school announcements and other communications to show appreciation for their efforts

According to Talia Y. Leman in her book “A Random Book About the Power of Anyone” a successful awareness campaign does the following:

  • Ignites from strong emotion
  • Grabs attention
  • Captures imagination
  • Focusses on passion more than leaders
  • Is designed to spread
  • Ends with a big goal
  • Creates a measurable difference

Final thoughts:
The most successful awareness campaigns use different avenues to increase awareness of different audiences. A successful awareness campaign is a true team effort, so be open to hearing everyone’s ideas. And be sure to have fun!