Paint Your Plate Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Paint Your Plate badge!


Creative Catering 

As part of our school’s year end BBQ, the planning committee wanted to find a more appealing way to offer fresh fruit and vegetables to families who attended. In the past, fruit trays attracted bugs and other pests, and there were food safety concerns (children touching the fruit or vegetables on the tray). Our school sought out and made contact with a local caterer who offers healthy catering alternatives. The caterer was able to offer individually packaged fruit salad, veggies and dip or a house salad to BBQ attendees for a very reasonable price. Parents and students gave nothing but positive feedback on the fruit and vegetable options.


Great Big Crunch 

To promote vegetables and fruit as a healthy snack, Glen Cedar Public School participated in the Great Big Crunch. This is an initiative started by FoodShare where each year at 2:30 PM on “crunch” day everyone gets together and bites into crunchy fresh local produce in unison. For the event, we sourced Ontario apples from a local distributor. To promote the event and make it more comprehensive, we shared FoodShare’s Great Big Crunch activities with all staff. The classroom activities helped to get students excited about crunching and learning about local food. We also promoted the event over the PA system and through the parent e-newsletter.


Procedural Writing With Recipes 

My school was awarded a Metro Green Apple Grant for a cooking program I started for grades 4-8. I realized that I could involve more students in the school if I invited the staff to get their classes involved in creating healthy snacks to share together. I started off with my class. Since we are learning about procedural writing in French, I thought that learning about recipes and in groups following a healthy recipe to later share with the class would be a great way for students to learn about writing, communicating in French, as well as nutrition. With my first group, we made strawberry and banana smoothies. With my second group, we created a fruit salad. With my third group, we made whole wheat banana muffins. With my last group, we will be making oatmeal with fresh berries. I will be creating healthy snacks with the SK/Grade 1 class, a grade 1 class, a grade 2/3 class as well as support many other teachers who will be exploring healthy recipes in their classes.


Playing with Food 

Paint Your Plate Discovery PS

We created a play for kindergarten to grade 3 for healthy eating. The kindergartens, grades 1’s , grade 2’s , and grade 3’s really liked our play. The students liked how we displayed healthy food in a fun and easy way. At the end of the play we read a poem about healthy food.