Pack It Up Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the Pack It Up badge!


Crunch n’ Munch Mondays 

During the month of March, our school focused on our NUTRITION! Since the month of March is officially Nutrition Month, we participated in our weekly campaign focusing on specific lunch and snack initiatives. They were as follows: Crunch n’ Munch Mondays encouraged parents to prepare healthy snacks that pack a healthy CRUNCH (i.e. roasted chickpeas, kale chips, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, veggies). Whole Grain Wednesdays showed the importance for dietary fiber, B vitamins, and minerals and how they should be a part of our daily food intake (i.e. whole grain cereal, whole grain crackers…etc.) Fridays were dedicated to FEELING GOOD about ourselves and focusing on our mental health. Students and staff were encouraged to get more sleep, connect with others, and practice healthy thinking.


Healthy Lunch Challenge 

Our school participated in the Healthy Lunch Challenge in January. The students created a handout on packed lunches that reflect their likes, dislikes and cultural preferences. We also ran a Litterless Lunch competition between classrooms. This is an ongoing program. Our Junior/Intermediate students were challenged to pack their own school lunches. We encouraged our youngest students and their parents to work together every day for a week in preparing a healthy lunch. Students learned the value of preparing their own lunches, as well as snacks. They enjoyed sharing their cultural food likes and dislikes. The most positive outcome was seeing the students be proud of their healthy choices and cultural foods.