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Are sugary drinks affecting your child’s health?

What children drink each day has a major impact on their health. Drinking fewer sugary drinks is key for good nutrition, healthy teeth and a healthy weight.

Families play an important role in the choices children make. Decreasing the number of sugary drinks will help your child to be healthy. YOU can help your child make good drink choices.

Sip Smart!™ Ontario is designed to teach children in Grades 3 to 7 what they need to know to make healthy drink choices. The Sip Smart!™ Ontario resources are fun and interactive. Families can find them online at

For more ideas, tools and resources to make healthier beverage choices, check out the  Sip Smart!™ Ontario badge. Sip Smart at school and earn a badge!

Boost School Nutrition.  Receive Recognition.  One Bite at a Time.