It’s an Honour Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned the It’s an Honour badge!


An Active Reward

On April 31, the students at Our Lady of Fatima participated in a Fitness Day as a reward for completing the Healthy School Challenge. Soccer Plus hosted the event at the school. The students participated by grade in the gym and were involved in fun soccer activities. It was a great incentive for the students to participate and complete their Healthy School Challenge.


Top Fundraising Classes Rewarded with an Active Field Trip

At the beginning of the school year, we had a fundraiser for our school. The top fundraising classes from each division were rewarded with a fun-filled soccer half-day at an indoor soccer facility. This encouraged fun, physical activity rather than treats or ‘fun food’. All those that participated enjoyed the time to move and have fun for their fundraising efforts!


Building on Strengths

Our principal has introduced many wonderful initiatives this year which honour students’ strengths. Instead of using food as a reward, we have found many creative ways to recognize students. We have a “Strengths” bulletin board which features, students and staff. Students are able to earn “Gotcha” tickets when they are caught doing something good. These tickets are then put into a draw for prizes. Each month St. Bernadette has a Virtue Assembly and students who are chosen for the virtue of the month become part of our school Virtue Crew and get to go on a special field trip.