Grade 8 Classroom Activities and Lesson Ideas

  • Canada’s Food Guide Guided Discovery Activity by TeachNutrition 
  • Explore Canada’s Food Guide recommendations (e.g., eat with others, enjoy your food, be aware of food/beverage marketing, cook more often).
  • Explore Canada’s Food Guide using critical inquiry: Consider questions such as: Who is excluded from the food guide? What populations could it not be relevant for? How does it differ from other countries’ food guides?, etc.

  • Class discussion: Discuss facilitators and barriers related to eating habits such as:
    • cooking more often
    • eating with others more often
    • enjoying our food 
    • eating a variety of foods
  • Identify strategies to help overcome barriers to make these beneficial/healthy eating habits easier in the home, school and community. For example, how could we help people be more comfortable with cooking? How could we help ensure that people have enough money for food? How could we help students at our school try new foods?