Grade 7 Classroom Activities and Lesson Ideas

  • Explore the connection between nutrients and health conditions (e.g., vitamin C prevents scurvy, vitamin D prevents rickets)
    • How do we get vitamin C? Vitamin D?
    • Brainstorm barriers to getting enough of those nutrients (e.g., living in Canada impacting sun exposure and ability to get vitamin D)
    • Be aware of not moralizing or demonizing any particular nutrient. 

  • Provide opportunities for experiential learning (cooking) in the classroom – see Cook It Up for ideas and additional resources
  • Classroom discussion: Brainstorm with your students what society’s appearance ideals (diet culture) are.  As a group, discuss where and when you might experience this.  What are the effects of diet culture on us as individuals and as a society? How does it make you feel?  Do people in the media reflect the diversity of your community?  

  • Class Discussion: How does society influence what foods you want to eat? 
  • Case Studies (free download) – Examine personal and external factors that influence people’s food and beverages choices (Nutrition Education and Consulting)