Grade 4 Classroom Activities and Lesson Ideas

All foods contain nutrients

  • Recipe Exploration: Look at the foods in a recipe and make a list of the nutrients the recipe provides. Discuss how eating a variety of foods helps us get lots of different nutrients. Prepare a recipe as a class; here is a list of a few easy recipes to start with.
  • Water is the Way to Go by Health Canada

Food and eating habits

  • Class discussion: What are places in the community that you visit with family or friends? Is food available at these places? What types of foods? What would help improve the food available in these places? When discussing how to improve food available, consider sensory characteristics, cost, cultural diversity, dietary needs/allergies, etc.
  • Class discussion: What do you enjoy most about eating? What could you do to help you enjoy meal and snack times more when at home? What about in other spaces where you regularly eat?
  • Taste like a Chef from Growing Chefs Ontario: Students learn to taste and describe foods using their 5 senses
  • Ready. Set. Cook! by Health Canada
  • Take time to eat and enjoy by Health Canada
  • Class discussion: Do you eat differently at different times and places?  Is eating on the weekend different than weekdays? How do you like to eat after you play soccer vs. at a birthday party? Celebrate the diversity of ways that we eat, who we eat with, and where we eat and normalize flexibility in the way we eat at different times and in different places.