Idées inspirantes pour l’écusson C’est un honneur

Inspirez-vous des idées soumises par les écoles qui ont mérité l’écusson C’est un honneur!

Toutes les idées inspirantes proviennent des participants de BouchéesBrillantes des années passées, telles que soumises par les écoles.

Building Strengths – St. Bernadette Catholic School, June 2017

Our principal has introduced many wonderful initiatives this year which honour students’ strengths. Instead of using food as a reward, we have found many creative ways to recognize students. We have a “Strengths” bulletin board which features, students and staff. Students are able to earn “Gotcha” tickets when they are caught doing something good. These tickets are then put into a draw for prizes. Each month St. Bernadette has a Virtue Assembly and students who are chosen for the virtue of the month become part of our school Virtue Crew and get to go on a special field trip.