Common thoughts about bodies

ThoughtMyth or TruthRationale
Weight is an indicator of healthMythWeight is complex and many factors influence it. By looking at someone’s weight, we can’t determine their health status. Many factors such as sleep, exercise, and access to food are better indicators of health.
Certain bodies are viewed as goodTruthIn our society, we uphold a very narrow view of beauty, body, and appearance ideals. These do not make them right, but this can cause people, like students, to engage in harmful behaviours to try and change their bodies and weight to meet these standards.
Childrens’ body size fluctuateTruthChildren and their bodies are growing and developing until their late teens. In fact, during puberty children tend to gain weight to prepare them for growth and body changes. Genes also play a significant role in what weight, shape, and size it will be.
Developing a positive relationship with our bodies can be challengingTruth