Body Inclusive School

To create a body-inclusive school, focus on:

  • Reflecting and challenging your own biases about weight, shape, and size 
  • Challenging the stereotypes and narrow views of appearance ideals
  • Not talking about diets or weight, even if it is seen as positive
  • Not tolerating weight and body based comments
  • Celebrating uniqueness
  • Modifying activities to be inclusive of all skill levels, and physical capabilities without having the focus on any one student,
  • Providing students with opportunities to try a variety of food and movements at school
  • Creating an environment that has equipment, furnishings, uniforms, and that are size inclusive
  • Engaging students in creating classroom norms that don’t tolerate comments about weight and bodies. Like the one created by School Mental Health Ontario

The above tips are helpful in creating a school and classroom culture that does not place emphasis on weight and appearance, which can help to reduce weight-based bullying.