The Big Day Badge Inspiration

Get inspired with these ideas submitted from schools that earned The Big Day badge!


Healthy Snacks at the School Dance

We hosted a Christmas Dance today and had a veggie and fruit tray out for the kids instead of our usual treats of chips or popcorn! Small changes keep happening at MacLeod!!


Students Prepare a Delicious Snack for a Healthy Schools Network Session

Ms. Capewell and Ms. Menczel were invited to participate in a Heathy Schools Spring Network Session and because of the amazing work our students are doing around Health and Nutrition, they were selected to prepare the mid day snack. The students prepared yogurt parfaits with original yogurt, granola that they made the day before, and strawberries and blueberries that they washed and cut especially for the event. There were 75 “Healthy Schools Champions” at the meeting and all celebrated healthy eating with a delicious, healthy snack. It was a great “Big Day.”


Apples at the Terry Fox Walk

Each fall the staff and students at SPP school take part in the Terry Fox walk to raise money for a great cause. In the past, following this event everyone enjoyed a pizza lunch. The principal, vice principal and healthy schools committee agreed that after partaking in physical activity, serving pizza for lunch was inconsistent messaging for staff and students. For the past two years, following the walk each student gets a shiny red apple and is encouraged to fill up their water bottles using one of the schools water bottle refilling stations). A big thank you to our school principal Mrs. Corriero for recognizing the inconsistency and promoting healthier snacks following the Terry Fox walk.