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Getting Started

Be creative and design a campaign to celebrate Nutrition Month in March, or to celebrate healthy eating any time of the year! Think about and promote topics that are important to your school. For inspiration, check out Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month campaign, held each March. Be sure to use credible sources of nutrition information like Dietitians of Canada, and Health Canada.

Steps To Earn This Badge

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Step 1 - Ask the Students

Ask students how they want to celebrate and promote nutrition in their school - as a class, a group, or school wide. Ask for volunteers to help design and run the campaign. Refer to How to Run a Successful Campaign (see Helpful tools and activities) for tips.
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Step 2 - Start a Conversation

Talk to others to find out what food and nutrition topics people are talking about and to see who else might like to be involved in a nutrition campaign. Include school community members and others (e.g. local chefs, public health staff, etc.).
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Step 3 - Do a Nutrition Checkup

Pick a theme – use the yearly theme provided by the Dietitians of Canada or choose your own (e.g. eating local, meatless meals, cooking, breakfast etc.). Be sure to use credible sources of nutrition information (e.g. from Dietitians of Canada and/or
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Step 4 - Make it Fun

Have fun and be creative with your campaign. Be sure to share it with the whole school community so that everyone can benefit from your messages. Choose at least one of the following activities or come up with your own fun ideas. Be sure to tie the campaign theme to the activities.

Badge Inspiration

  • Innovative and inspirational ideas submitted from schools across the province!
  • Have students host an educational and motivating assembly related to the chosen theme.
  • Invite students (and staff) to express messages through art (pictures, posters, videos, drama, photovoice, etc.)
  • Have a bulletin board or door decorating contest to visually promote wholesome, nutritious, culturally diverse foods
  • Consider promoting waste-free lunches during Waste Reduction Week (usually the 4th week of October).
  • Hold a healthy snacks week. Students promote, prepare and sell nutritious snacks for a low price at school breaks as a fundraiser.