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Sip Smart!™ Ontario


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Getting Started

Sip Smart!™ Ontario is a licensed classroom educational program that helps teach children in grades 3 to 7 about sugary drinks and about making healthy drink choices. Teachers can use Sip Smart!™ Ontario lessons to meet expectations in the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Healthy school committees and school councils can use Sip Smart!™ Ontario to promote healthy drink choices throughout their school and at school events. Earn this badge by educating children and taking action to reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks.

Steps To Earn This Badge

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Step 1 - Ask the Students

Sugary drinks are everywhere, and too much sugar is not good for a child’s health. Ask students if they are interested in learning how to “sip smart” and in spreading the word to others? Do they know that some choices are better than others? Do they think improvements could be made to the drinks offered at school?

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Step 2 - Start a Conversation

Sugary drinks are heavily marketed to children, youth and adults and it is very common to see these drinks at school. In order to see a change to healthier drink options, it is important to start a conversation among students, teachers, parents and volunteers about drink choices available in the school and for special events.

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Step 3 - Do a Nutrition Checkup

If you are a teacher, you should use the Sip Smart!™ Ontario lessons with your class. You can also do a class survey of drinking patterns and calculate results using the Sip Smart!™ Ontario Drink Diary Calculator (see Tools). If you are not a teacher, you can use the Sip Smart!™ Ontario Key Messages and Guide to Making Healthy Drink Choices (see Tools) to take action to reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks.

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Step 4 - Make it Fun

Use your creativity and the many SipSmart!™ Ontario tools to make it fun to “sip smart” at your school! Choose at least one of the activities below or come up with your own idea(s).

Badge Inspiration

  • Innovative and inspirational ideas submitted from schools across the province!
  • Take an inventory of all the places/activities (e.g. fundraising, school dances) in the school where drinks are offered or sold and consider how you could provide the healthier alternatives
  • Start a school milk program to give students access to plain milk
  • Include the Sip Smart!™ Ontario Newsletter Inserts in your school newsletter
  • Have a door decorating contest or design a bulletin board to promote healthy drinks. Ideas include:
    • Compare the nutritional differences between white milk, chocolate milk, pop, fruit drinks and sports drinks. Look at the sugar, the calcium, vitamin D, if the drink contains caffeine and chart using bar graphs for different nutrients.
    • Create a visual ‘sugar shocker’ display showing cans or bottles of different sugary drinks, along with bags of sugar cubes that equate to how much added sugar is in the drink
  • Have students read SipSmart!™ Ontario Morning Announcements

Copyright & Terms of Use

Sip Smart!™ was created and developed by the BC Pediatric Society and the Heart and Stroke Foundation with funding from the BC Healthy Living Alliance.

The Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health (OSNPPH) is the sole licence holder for Sip Smart!™ in Ontario. All information, documents and photos on this website were produced and/or compiled by the SipSmart!™ Ontario project team for the express use of Ontario educators.

Please contact the BC Pediatric Society at if you plan to use these materials for any purpose other than with Ontario educators or for your own personal use. Permission is required to reproduce and implement the program within an organization or jurisdiction.

Sip Smart!™ Ontario cannot be used in for-profit settings.