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Private: Paint Your Plate
Private: Paint Your Plate
Earned Sep 2018
15 Points

Success Story

Students came up with an idea of bringing in a variety of different vegetables for their peers to sample (radish, carrot, yellow zucchini, cucumber) in order to promote variety and a balanced diet. Classes signed up for a time slot, at which point our team purchased and began prepping the produce. During the food prep we talked to students about proper food handling skills (washing hands thoroughly, wearing gloves, safe practice of utensils, etc.) Our team visited classes and talked about the importance of vegetables and why our bodies need them. Following the presentation they passed out samples and recorded how many students tried each vegetable, and their preferences. Our team was happy to hear that many students had never sampled some of the vegetables, but thoroughly enjoyed the taste. Our team encouraged students to talk to their parents about what they had tried, so that they could add some new vegetables into their diet.

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